Throughout 2021 Stewart will be presenting a series of inspirational ‘on-line’ workshops as a consequence of Covid19 restrictions, and his first is the wonder of ENCHANTMENT a ninety minute workshop designed to inspire, uplift and amplify the extraordinary energies of ‘becoming’ that are occurring for you at this time. When you attend you will experience:

    • clarity about why the world is changing and what the main shifts will create for you
    • how you can always feel safe and secure
    • what you can do to activate your soul’s force to accomplish your creative purpose
    • how you heal internal strife or external challenges
    • being held by the Angelic communion of the Angels of Atlantis
    • discovery of your signature note and what makes your soul sing with joy
    • the expansion of abundance for sustained creative achievement
    • a level of joyous uplift that will bring magic into your life



Please join Stewart Pearce  and his remarkable Soul Guests each Monday.

Listen in as they ‘deep dive’ into a sixty-minute conversation concerning a new level of being that is drawn from us at this time of change –

deduced from direct experience, considered inner reflection and incisive soul remembering!

You will leave inspired and intrigued by the profound level of enquiry.


12.30pm PST  |  1.30pm MT  |  3.30pm EST  |  8.30pm UK TIME

via: FB stewartpearcemasterofvoice