Dear Alchemediums,

As snow-strewn Northern Europe experiences the worst weather conditions for a very long time, my mind has turned, not too unusually, to the substance of Alchemy, and therefore of warmer climes. Suddenly, my body temperature rises, and the delights of truly seeking paradise within come to the fore. Whenever I journey to this thought, I bask in the memory that our Retreat’s location is Paradise, and our destination is Heaven!

In 2011 there will be two exclusive, KI-RA RETREATS in the Dominican Republic aka ATLANTIS. This is the third year on the island that the Angels have instrumentalized the notion of transformation through the ‘solve et coagula’ of ancient Alchemy. This is a process where form is changed to its constituent parts, and divine vibration produces energy that brings about reconstitution, creating a new essence.

All the folk that have been through “7 STEPS TO HEAVEN” have transformed their lives utterly. They have found an inner peace through achieving ‘sustainable joy’, and an outer creativity through the steadfast conviction that we have chosen to be on this beautiful Blue Planet, to optimize our creativity full of love and joy.

When this becomes a reality, miracles occur, and nothing is the same again. Then we truly realize that we have chosen to be here during this era, and that “This is the best time in all eternity for a Creator to Create.” ABRAHAM

This knowledge supports and produces faith. Not the blind faith of our past, but the true visionary faith of spiritual endeavor, because we see through the challenges of our lives, and soul-stride to the light beyond.

Come to the light, glance over the RETREAT ADVERTISEMENT below, and maybe as you feel the pinch of Jack Frost this winter thoughts of warmer climes will rev your spirit to Divine Alchemy. This will trumpet your persona and presence into the world with love, joy and beauty.