Dear Friends of Voice Alchemy,

We are about to meet an event of such great inclusivity. July 17 & 18 brings forth a global intention that creates unity consciousness throughout the whole of life on Planet Earth.

My suggestion is that this is a Galactic Portal opening, which will produce energies that continue moving through us until March of next year.

There are five primary parts to the experience that will accelerate our consciousness as we move through this gateway of Cosmic Time:

  1. We will see that no dominance can exist in our lives
  2. We will feel a natural aversion to conflict in each aspect of our lives
  3. We will hear a desire for harmony wherever we go on the planet
  4. We will taste the pleasure of liberty in our whole being
  5. We will smell the fruit of freedom in every place of light

Are you prepared?

You chose to be here just for this turning point in human destiny. Therefore, please seize the moment like no other moment, and release yourself from any thought restriction, and from any fear. We are here to live life full of love and joy. We are here to hear the chorus of our Inter-Galactic friends, who say that this is a MAGIC MOMENT, and one that they have gathered for from all over the Cosmos.

Watch for the crop circles – they will be so splendid, for the beings from other worlds will come to give us messages about our futures, moving with us in compleat co-creativity as we make this big soul-stride towards the 2012 Ascension.

Please send further questions, and click on the videos below to hear about THE ALCHEMY OF VOICE being published in the UK & USA.

Also, please buy the CD ‘INITIATION’ which will help you prepare for unity consciousness, opening the Eight Chakra process through special sonic codes