Dear Alchemediums,


This is a deeply auspicious time to dream your new life into existence through a burst of clear intention; the starting point for every dream. Intention is the creativity that urges our desires into fruition. Intention is a pulse of light that directs the impulse of our consciousness through the flow of the Universe, and into manifestation.

Within each intention is the seed of that which you wish to create, and only when you release the intention into the field of your own consciousness, will your seed fully flourish. Letting go of one’s desire can be a complex business, and yet letting go allows the work of the Universe to fold into your being.

“Yes but this is so hard to do” I hear you say, and so I’ve created five practical steps to ease the passage of your conscious dreaming in existence. Do email me and tell me of your manifestations.


The zone is a state of pure awareness from which love and gratitude brim. It moves beyond the noisy internal dialogue of thoughts and feelings, some of which are extremely limiting. Being within the zone is taking one’s awareness into relaxed Meditation, which moves us beyond the ego into the stillness and silence of pure consciousness; this we refer to as SOUL.


When you have established a state of ZONE-NESS simply release your intention into the Universe. This is the best time, for the whole of your awareness soaks in the quiet field of all possibility.


If you bring your intention from a force of scarcity you will create continued scarcity. If you bring your intention from a sense of appreciation for what you have already created, you will fire the resolve of your intention into creation. Detach yourself from people or opinions that are negative, and dream the ‘relief of creation’ into existence. This is your higher self, working in conjunction with your desires, because it knows everything is fine and will be always be fine. The Source is a place of complete well being where no scarcity exists, only a continuously unfolding creative possibility.


Attempt to live in the wisdom of uncertainty. Attachment arises from fear and insecurity, whereas detachment is based on the unquestionable belief of your own true power. Create intentions based on the bedrock of gratitude and a multitude of possibilities will flood into your life’s direction.


When you truly focus intention the wheel of the Universe begins to move its infinite power of creation. Therefore, we must trust that the power of infinite unfolding will take our seeds of intention into its fertile ground of pure potential, and thence produce fruit when the time is most apposite. Trust means letting go in the belief that a higher power exists in correspondence with your magic.

Love & Light