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Dates for the diary:

Enchantments for 2021:

May 23rd, June 27th, July 25th,
August 22nd, September 26th,
October 24th, November 21st, December 12th

The Heart Spa:

May 9th, June 6th, June 20th, July 11th,
August 8th, September 5th, Ocober 10th
November 7th, December 5th


June 19th – 20th, 2021 (Details coming soon)
September 18th – 19th, 2021
December 19th-21st, 2021

Throughout 2021 Stewart will be presenting a series of inspirational ‘online’ workshops as a consequence of Covid19 restrictions, we invite you to ENCHANTMENT a ninety-minute workshop designed to inspire, uplift and amplify the extraordinary energies of ‘becoming’ that are occurring for you at this time. When you attend you will experience:

– clarity about why the world is changing and what the main shifts will create for you

– how you can always feel safe and secure

– what you can do to activate your soul’s force to accomplish your creative purpose

– how you heal internal strife or external challenges

– being held by the Angelic communion of the Angels of Atlantis

– discovery of your signature note and what makes your soul sing with joy

– the expansion of abundance for sustained creative achievement

– a level of joyous uplift that will bring magic into your life

Book now $30 (May 23rd, 2021)
CATCHUP: $30 (May 9th 2021)





CATCH up fee $155

‘HONORING THE GODDESS’ is a pilgrimage of devotion, a time to dedicate our hearts to the beauty and love of the  Goddess Isis and her Sisters, with an activation for the Priestesses or Priests who are called to the ritual initiation of the White Flame!



  1. The Ritual of the White Flame with the GODDESS ISIS within her Temple at Aswan

  2. Sacred Reverence and Meditation on QUEEN NEFETARI (Priestess of Isis) at her Abu Simbel Temple

  3. Sacred Reverence and Meditation on QUEEN HATSHEPSUT (Priestess of Hathor) within her Temple near the Valley of the Kings, Luxor

  4. The Ritual of the Fire Element for with GODDESS SEKHMET within her Chapel at the Temple of Karnak, Luxor

part 2

  1. The Ritual of the Heart Chakra with the GODDESS HATHOR within her Temple at Dendera

  2. The Ritual of Atonement using the Violet Flame in the KINGS CHAMBER OF THE GREAT PYRAMID of Giza

  3. Sacred Reverence and Meditation for the Spring Equinox at the TEMPLE OF THE SPHINX Giza

  4. SPHINX CHANNELING from Stewart concerning the nature of the Atlantean Wisdom Records opening throughout 2021-23 and their meaning

Catch Up fee – $155

Please join Stewart Pearce and his remarkable Soul Guests each Monday.

Listen in as they ‘deep dive’ into a sixty-minute conversation concerning a new level of being that is drawn from us at this time of change –

deduced from direct experience, considered inner reflection and incisive soul remembering!

You will leave inspired and intrigued by the profound level of enquiry.


12.30pm PST | 1.30pm MT | 3.30pm EST | 8.30pm UK TIME

via: FB stewartpearcemasterofvoice

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