Gabrielle Ess as an NDE is interviewed by Stewart Pearce, June 2014.

In 1987 when I met the twelve Angels of Atlantis, they promised me that we would see them, hear them, and feel their presence – through the eternality of our incarnate souls here on Earth.

This I believe we are beginning to do, through the Orb phenomena and extraordinary Angelic sightings, through Angelic Sound Healing as a supernatural medium when people hear otherworldly sounds, and through miracles of profound proportion, when we feel the presence of Angels and Ministers of Grace – through a field of consciousness we call SOURCE.

My firm belief is that the NDE phenomenon is one such miracle, through which we sense the Angels unique intelligence confirming that there is life after death, here or there!

This unique conversation is with a woman who died, and then came back to live, as she is still living, with the overt experience of DEATH, and yet with no fear of dying. That has seemingly been erased from her cellular memory, and so we see the miracle or life after death, which is remarkable, opening us to the Angelic Matrix of life, before, during and after death.

When we die, we move back into the Source – a non-local, non-dimensional, vastly sentient and conscious experience of inclusive love and joy. The experience is filled with other intelligent beings who inform us of the knowing that disease, judgment, and a lack of forgiveness do not exist in Source, bodies do not exist. Yet we as SOUL do.

Listen in and see or feel what you hear!


“Every death is an opportunity for a quantum leap of Creativity. Through death we re-create ourselves at every level: the material of the body-mind, the physical body, the intellect, and the personality. All of these have to die in order to re-create ourselves, and with every death we store the wisdom of our experiences since the beginning of time. Through these quantum leaps of creativity we look at ourselves again as if for the first time. Cycles of birth, transformation, and death keep us ever fresh so that we can imagine new realms for our existence.” DEEPAK CHOPRA from “Power, Freedom & Grace”