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As snow-strewn Northern Europe experiences the worst weather conditions for a very long time, my mind has turned, not too unusually, to the substance of Alchemy, and therefore of warmer climes. Suddenly, my body temperature rises, and the delights of truly seeking paradise within come to the fore. Whenever I journey to this thought, I bask in the memory that our Retreat’s location is Paradise, and our destination is Heaven!

GALACTIC UNITY – JULY 17 & 18 2010

Dear Friends of Voice Alchemy, We are about to meet an event of such great inclusivity. July 17 & 18 brings forth a global intention that creates unity consciousness throughout the whole of life on Planet Earth. My suggestion is that this is a Galactic Portal opening, which will produce energies that continue moving through us until March of next year.

MAY “WESAK” 2010

The past stiff period of the Taurus Mercury Retrograde, which brought with it such ‘introspection’, has come to a close, and as we shift in mood I do hope your practice is steady and providing you with all the vibrations of ‘feeling good’.


I’m thrilled to announce that the newly republished book of THE ALCHEMY OF VOICE is now available from www.findhornpress.com This new edition has an extra chapter - an epilogue called THE VOICE IN THE FIRE. This new writing illustrates the story of how the canon of ‘works’ first came to me, whilst meditating on Glastonbury Tor during the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. There are many case studies of the remarkable healings that have taken place through the chakra re-harmonization that lies at the core of the work. By attuning sound to the emotional lesion that has created a physical holding (the disease) within the body, we may transmute any ill. You see sound is crystallized thought, just as crystals are solidified sound, and so can be used to transform through Alchemy.


On March 21st at the Spring Equinox, the season reaches its midpoint. Therefore, night and day, dark and light stand in perfect balance. For those of you who experience seasonal affective disorder or SAD, you will be pleased to know that more light will be developing in the northern hemisphere. The young Sun God will celebrate the hieros gamos (or sacred marriage) with the young Maiden Goddess, and subsequently she will conceive the fruit of this union. Therefore, in nine months, she will become the Great Mother - a time of great fertility, new growth, and unabashed fecundity.


HAPPY NEW YEAR………….. This is a deeply auspicious time to dream your new life into existence through a burst of clear intention; the starting point for every dream. Intention is the creativity that urges our desires into fruition. Intention is a pulse of light that directs the impulse of our consciousness through the flow of the Universe, and into manifestation.

7 Steps to Heaven

These unique KI-RA Retreats in the beautiful Caribbean are inspirationally designed using leading edge spiritual intelligence techniques to create the ultimate uplift – wellbeing. Sacred Voice Sound Healing, Yoga, Crystal Healing, Soul Psychology and Meditation, alongside radical information concerning the evolving wisdom culture, will facilitate healing, transformation and growth - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

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