A Behind the Interview Special to Om Times Magazine USA

How I came to interview Stewart Pearce is rather a rather metaphysical story, itself. I received a random email from apublicist at a book publishing company. The image in the email intrigued me soI cliqued on it. A video clip played as soon as my browser landed on the page. Iwas mesmerized by Stewart Pearce’s voice—smooth and full bodied, like a finewine. Then came the images of the orbs of light depicted on the cards in theOracle deck. The images were practically pulsing light through the screen! Ifelt an instant connection to the way Stewart, in our interview, described his encounter with the Angels during the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 at Glastonbury Tor:

“High-pitched harmonics moved like lasers of light through the right side of my head, down through mybody, searing my heart. When I opened my eyes, twelve luminescent Orbs floated in mid-air before me. I felt only their supernal Love.”

Until that moment, I had never heard of, let alone seen any image, of Angels as orbs of light— with one exception.Just before the birth of my first daughter, I had had a visionary dream in which orbs of light brought me seven messages. I was compelled to speak with Stewart, to understand what this Oracle deck was all about. And that’s how this interview happened.

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