Stewart has practiced as a professional Seer for over thirty years, giving soul, and psychic readings with the fullest scope of his compassionate intuition, and spiritual wisdom. Some people call his gift Clairvoyance, some Angel Whispering, and some perceive him simply as a healer. In all, Stewart functions as an Alchemist, transmuting the negative patterns of behavior that lead to physical and emotional chaos, into a positive, loving, joy filled experience of life – all ill is simply moved into the light!

Stewart’s facility developed during childhood, also through forty years of experience with the major Wisdom Keeper traditions, and from a Divine transmission that took place in 1987, when he met twelve Angelic Orb  Beings known as the Angels of Atlantis.

Transformation with Stewart takes the evolving form of helping clients to shape a ‘forward moving direction’ in times of confusion or uncertainty, or when supernatural aid is necessary to resolve the karma of disease. The therapeutic side of his work is channeled using Sound, and an ancient form of Chakra Aura Cleansing similar to advanced Reiki.

Frequently asked questions are:

  • Can you see my Guides and Angelic Guardians?

  • May I connect with a dear one in the Spirit world?

  • Why am I so confused, and is this past life karma?

  • How can I change, and create my future more joyously?

  • Why is my life such a mess?

  • What can I do to become more spiritually intelligent?

  • Can you help with my relationships?

  • Why do I feel so drained of energy?

  • Are there dark entities around me?

  • My home feels psychically distressed, can you help?

  • What is my purpose?

  • How can I align more easily with my destiny?

All, and more can be processed supportively and compassionately.

For at the purest level of energy, at the highest frequency, there is only a stream of ultimate well-being alive within the UNIVERSE. This is a FLOW OF FORCE that is an infinitely unfolding possibility, a field of total abundance and unconditional love. The Angels emerge from that field in order to help us uplift ourselves.