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On 11.11.11 MIND BODY SPIRIT UK organized a unique CEREMONY FOR GLOBAL UNITY and asked Stewart with Colleagues to take part in the ritual. Watch here, and see how Stewart held the LIGHT for 11.00 on 11.11.11. This was an inspirational pledge to the loving radiance of the all one-ness.

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As snow-strewn Northern Europe experiences the worst weather conditions for a very long time, my mind has turned, not too unusually, to the substance of Alchemy, and therefore of warmer climes. Suddenly, my body temperature rises, and the delights of truly seeking paradise within come to the fore. Whenever I journey to this thought, I bask in the memory that our Retreat’s location is Paradise, and our destination is Heaven!

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GALACTIC UNITY – JULY 17 & 18 2010


Dear Friends of Voice Alchemy, We are about to meet an event of such great inclusivity. July 17 & 18 brings forth a global intention that creates unity consciousness throughout the whole of life on Planet Earth. My suggestion is that this is a Galactic Portal opening, which will produce energies that continue moving through us until March of next year.

GALACTIC UNITY – JULY 17 & 18 20102017-01-04T17:13:10+00:00
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