May I Be Clear with my Love
May I Trust the power of Evolution
May I Respect the Earth’s cycles
May I Live In Peace



Archangel Sandalphon

Archangel Sandalphon’s unique force is as the SACRED GUARDIAN of the Planet, and of our earthly presence. Sandalphon is destined to draw the creative energy of Planet Earth into the evolutionary ascension of the Galactic Force, and through all living beings with love, intention as seen in the icon of Avebury Henge.



Sandalphon awakens the ying/yang force lying within us, to the evolution of our purpose. For as the Galactic Heart pulsates, so does the Universal Heart, so does the Individual Heart, and so does Sandalphon’s Heart – inspiring us to live in co-creation with the cycles of nature, and to recognize our connection with the Earth Star Chakra. The planet Arcturus brings this blessed Archangel into existence from the Source.

To draw the power of Sandalphon deep into the earth of your body and the fire of your soul ask yourself these questions:

  1. Am I able to feel the rhythms and pulse of Mother Nature?
  2. Does my soul read the reason for my body’s presence on this Planet?
  3. Am I in full honoring of the beauty of the Earth’s environment?
  4. Am I open to the Earth-Elementals and Guardians of Nature?
  5. What can I richen the planet with, seeing the Earth as a planetary organism, and living the course of my life upon it?