Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael, like the calm of the woodland spring, exists as an exquisite HOLY HEALER bringing our beings to commune with Mother Earth. This richens our journey through the knowledge of interconnectivity, empathy and oneness, bringing all aspects of our lives back into harmony as we embark on our soul’s odyssey.



Raphael draws healing and cleansing to us wherever we may be, and so this Archangel’s key is to foster the joyous evolution of planetary existence – stimulating the life of our being, the planet, and the Cosmos. Thence allowing God’s plan to be brought forth.

Calling on Raphael in all situations when healing is required, brings an open-ness to our Heart Chakra and the strength of the planet Orion to move through us.

The following questions will draw the nature of RAPHAEL’S energy deep within you:

  1. Am I able to feel peace and tranquility moving through my life?
  2. Does my heart’s intelligence always guide my nature?
  3. Is my life washed clean with the beauty of my love?
  4. Am I open to being in deep communion with nature?
  5. Do I cleanse my body, mind and soul regularly?


May I Be Healthy
May I Be Pure in Life
May I Be Cleansed from Fear
May I Live In Peace