A Voice From The Temple

ARCHANGELS in the form of orbs of light once bequeathed me the vision of a Temple of Sound Healing. This took place during the legendary Harmonic Convergence of August 16 & 17 1987, and the temple was to be known as ‘The Alchemy of Voice’.

During that summer of 1987 a cosmic portal opened, through an astrological grand trine shifting in the heavens. This momentous event was the dawning of Aquarius, and effectively awakened 144,000 Rainbow Light Warriors from thousands of years worth of slumber. For over that fateful weekend ordinary folk suddenly became aware of the profound prophecies of the Mayan Elders, who were at one time Atlantian beings, and how their ancient Calendar would continue alerting us by revelation upon revelation, through a further period of twenty-five years, up to 2012.

What was revealed to us was mighty – that thousands of years ago our souls were charged with a specific task – to assist the arousal and healing of planetary spiritual intelligence. Furthermore, that we who carry this information have always venerated life on planet Earth, knowing that a recalibration would be necessary, by removing a vast veil of illusion from individual and collective consciousness. And when this veil of uncertainty was expunged, human sensing would be attuned to a much higher octave of knowledge!

I was then working as the Head of Voice at a prestigious British Drama School training Classical Actors, and I immediately experienced a profound shift of consciousness, as the Angels of Atlantis began my instruction, assisting my higher self into accommodating their supernal teaching. This shift required every aspect of my three-dimensional life to change, so as to reconstitute my energy field with their light, and I have written about this process in my first book: ‘The Alchemy of Voice’

Over the last twenty-five years the teaching I’ve received from the Angels has been exquisite, and has led me to create the temple that sustains pure devotion to the Source. In essence the temple work heals the many aspects of our souls that have wandered from the truth of the ALL THAT IS, and takes place through a series of workshops, enchantments, consultations, retreats, discourses, and of course the literature I produce through my wonderful publisher Findhorn Press.

Deep within the work is the desire that all people be awakened to their soul through a field of sound consciousness that lies at the core of creation, which is filled with the mighty glory of pure unconditional love. The desire we hold for the work is as paramount today as it was before, so that transformation may occur by the profane aspects of our lives being transmuted into divine flow – so that divine sound be made flesh to live amongst us forever!

I hope you enjoy this website by languishing in its utter beauty and grace, so that you feel the call of the Angels embracing and enchanting your life with the richness of sustained joy and beauty…….. Namaste to you all.